Janet L. Bates

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NOTE: I am only available at present for short-term telecommuting contracts. Please contact me via e-mail for more information.


Technical Writing and Project Management


Work Experience

ZTE Telecommunications (Shenzhen, Guangdong, China), part time, February 2000 - January 2001

Consultant on user interface design and documentation. My role was to help teach a team in a pilot-project situation. I also documented the progress of the pilot project. Framemaker and Microsoft Word were the primary tools. In addition I helped with implementation and documentation of a pilot project CORBA system.


Tellium (Oceanport, NJ), Aug 1998 - Mar 1999

Senior technical writer for a startup company in the emerging field of all optical networking. The company's product lines used dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) to vastly increase the bandwidth of telecommunication carriers transport systems and included an optical cross-connect permitting the component wavelengths in the WDM signal to be added, dropped, and rerouted.

Lucent Technologies (Holmdel, NJ), 1996-1997

Member of project management team for a project of about 80 people developing a realtime telephone signal-processing system:

Bulletin Editor, League of Women Voters, 1993-1995

Edited monthly bulletins for LWV of Middletown, NJ and for Monmouth County ILO (Inter-League Organization).

ADSS - Bell Laboratories (Holmdel, NJ), 1991-1995

Sole technical writer for group in major long-distance telecommunications company producing optimization software for the airline industry.

Softronics Corporation (Red Bank, NJ), 1990-1992

Wrote and produced 250-page reference manual and 28-page quick guide for PC software product. Used WordPerfect 5.1 and Arts & Letters on a PC.

Bell Communications Research (Morristown, NJ), 1988-1990

Documented a network management software system written in 'C' under UNIX for a major telecommunications research laboratory. Started project in troff , later selected FrameMaker as troff replacement for use on a Sun-3 workstation.

Bell Atlantic (Glen Ridge, NJ), 1987-1988

Wrote technical reference for telephone directory delivery system for regional telephone company. Involved reading Datapoint Databus and C-language code and determining the actual processing performed and documenting it.

Computer Programming and Analysis

Summary: In-depth knowledge of PC software, text processing, financial systems, computer networks, Unix system administration and project management using multiple tools and languages.


Work Experience

Lucent Technologies (Holmdel, NJ), 1995-1997

Software developer

Softronics Corporation (Red Bank, NJ) 1986-1992

Software consultant

RCP Consulting (Kowloon, Hong Kong),1981-85

Project Manager 1983-85; Analyst-Programmer 1981-1983

Lambda Technology (now GE Information Systems, Piscataway, NJ), 1980-81


INSCO (now Continental Data Systems, Neptune, NJ) 1979-80

Trainee programmer-analyst

Technical Translation

Summary: Fluent in French and German; have a working knowledge of Russian and Spanish.

Work Experience

SCETIRAN Consulting Engineers (Tehran, Iran), 1976-77

Chief translator and manager of document preparation for national infrastructure planning project.

Teaching English as a Second Language

Summary: five years experience teaching and course-writing in the field of English as a Second Language.

Work Experience

British Council/Iranian National Air Force (Tehran, Iran), 1975-1976

English instructor. Taught Iranian Air Force recruits using US Department of Defense teaching materials. and taught evening and day classes for adults for the British Council.

DIFF Deutsches Institut fur Fernstudien (Tubingen, Germany), 1972-1975

Correspondence Course Writer: created the phonetics part of a home-study course to improve the English teaching skills of German high school teachers.

University of Nancy (Nancy, France), 1971-1973

English Language Teaching Assistant: Taught English grammar and phonetics courses to undergraduates majoring in English. Assisted with English drama classes.

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