Career Summary

For most of my career, I lived and worked in Monmouth County, New Jersey, but I was born and raised in England, where I graduated in Modern Languages .

The first five years of my career were spent teaching and developing courses to teach ESL (English as a Second Language) in France, Germany, and Iran.

While in Iran I worked as chief translator on the 6th 5-year economic plan for the Iranian government. Work on the plan took a year and involved an interim report each quarter prior to delivery of the final document. I was responsible for the product from translation through production, including the hiring of necessary auxiliary personnel.

In 1979 I married and became a permanent resident and later citizen of the United States. Because my existing skills were unmarketable in the US economy, I retrained as a computer programmer and for the next seven to eight years, I worked in various kinds of data processing using different programing languages in a variety of hardware environments, moving from trainee to lead programmer and client representative and consistently acquiring more responsibility.

In 1987, soon after my return to the US after four years working in the Far East, I was offered by chance a technical writing position. I found that my particular combination of skills — language and programming — gave me an advantage, especially in highly technical fields such as optimization and telecommunications. Since then I have spent about 80% of my time doing technical writing.

In 1995-1997 I combined technical writing and programming in a large project to produce real-time signal-processing software. As the project evolved, I migrated from the software development group to the project management group, where I maintained the project schedule and served as the principal customer interface among other duties.

In summer 1998, after a year off work to deal with ill-health in my family, I joined a new telecommunications equipment company that specialized in optical networking. There I helped create software and hardware documents for their state-of the-art dense wavelength division multiplexing equipment. The document set comprised installation manuals, command language references, engineering and applications guides, and a graphical user interface user guide.

Since summer 1999, I have been travelling the world with my husband Gerry; We are always available when something exceptional is offered (such as the work we did for ZTE in China ), but otherwise we are trying to fill in the gaps in our travel history while we are still hale and healthy enough to enjoy it.