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We are not the only ones to have a personal web page. If you have one, why not let us link it here? For some of you we already know where it is, but don't want to link it until you tell us we can. We hope to be surprised by new pages.

Here are the web pages of a few our friends who have a business.

Our friend Roberta Rettner specializes in helping high-level executives who are not native in English deliver that special speech,, make an important presentation, run a business meeting, and so on.


This is our business site that badly needs work - WORK?, What's that?

Luch Servis, St. Petersburg, Russia

Our friend Lydia Nikolayevna runs a small bed and breakfast in her apartment near Finland Railway Station in St. Petersburg. She doesn't do any visa service, but she is a very warm and friendly person; her rooms are clean and comfortable and very affordable. You will need to speak some Russian and be willing to share the bathroom. Send her email at m-hotel@mail.ru.

Outlook International

Jan's college friend Ann has a travel agency in Scarsdale NY that specializes in group travel.


Gerry's niece in Chicago organizes parties and other celebratory events for you.

Tack and Ski

Jan's childhood friend, Judi, runs a sporting goods store in the north of England that specializes in equestrian pursuits and skiing.


Fred and Ginger, relatives of ours in Houston, Texas, have just started a web-based travel agency specializing in sailing. Check it out for cool discounts.

Wilde Adventures

Dean Wilde, San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico. Dean and his partner take people out kayaking in the Gulf of California. We took a half-day kayaking trip with Dean and had a great time.

Personal Sites

Chandler Bates

Mike & Beth Eddy

Claude Etienne Armingaud

Updated September 20, 2002