Gerry and Jan

We're in the Latin Quarter at the Square Viviani.
Gerry has at his back the Church of St Julien le Pauvre and is looking at Notre Dame on the Ile de la Cite

Time flies. While most of the viewers of this site have been diligently contributing to the material well being of the world we have been trying to know all there is to know about Paris . There is too much! Stop! We want off! — Not really, we are enjoying it, but, well, time flies. We've been here seven weeks now. We've had visits from Jan's family, Gerry's Aunt Zelda, Jan's second cousin Bertrand , and former colleague Mike Eddy . With 2.5 to go we've had to get serious about where to go next

Let us know what you would like to see - maybe more pictures, the places we visited, or whatever.

Paris 1999

Last updated August 15, 1999