Leaving New Jersey
We're Going Places
About June 15, 1999

Drawing of Bruce Road
Our former house at Bruce Road

Come and join us on our journey of a lifetime.
Find out where we are and what we have been up to by regularly logging into our " Going Places " site.

Yes, we are finally off on our travels. The itinerary is likely to change from day to day and even moment to moment, so we thought the easiest way to keep everyone up to date would be to create a web site you could all link to at your leisure. We aim to update it at least once a week and more often if events warrant it.

Tinton Falls, NJ, USA

This is where we started. We sold our house in 1998 and moved to Tinton Falls where we rented a house from K.K. Lam who lives and teaches in Hong Kong. As I write this we are in the midst of packing up all of our goods; selling those we don't want to or can't keep; storing those we have space for.

Paris, France

First stop is Paris where we will spend just over two months renting an apartment from a friend of a friend.

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