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Relaxing at Veronica's
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Welcome to our Virtual World. We created the predecessor to this site in 1998 and went on to expand it year after year. It describes our travels in every continent of the world: Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, and Australia. (We haven't been to Antartica, so by fiat declare that it is not a continent.)

Ours is a complex site; it consists as of this writing of 6,228 files and 423 MB, of which 1119 are web pages (html) and 4814 are photographs (.jpg). There are numerous, often overlapping, and sometimes conflicting ways to find what you want. Hints on getting around are given in Navigating or try our Site Map which organizes things by chronology and/or geography. (Often, however, the easiest thing to do is make a Google or Yahoo search, e.g. "chandlerbates paris churches".

You can find out more about how the site grew by reading our Site History. Who we are is covered in About Us and how to contact us in Contact.

As noted, the site has 4814 photographs and we add more all the time. This site does not — and for a long time could not possibly have — displayed all of the photographs we've taken in the course of our travels. We have taken about 130,000 pictures in ten years. If you would like to use any of them on your website, in a printed publication, or elsewhere you need our permission. Read all about it under Photo Licences

A particular remark about viewing photographs should be made here: By clicking on most of the displayed photographs you can enlarge them; after clicking they are displayed in a separate brower window/tab with higher resolution. You must switch yourself to that window/tab. In that window/tab a set of thumbnails is shown on the right; click any thumbnail to see that photo enlarged. You also can go directly to the set of thumbnail photographs by clicking on a flag in the list on the left.

Ninety percent or more of what we write is about where we've been and what we experienced. But every so often the urge comes across us to go into our emotions a bit more or to climb up on to a soap box and spout. We lump all of that under the heading Ideas. Its two main subdivisions are Gerry Grumbling, and Jan's Jottings. You'll also find there our Year In Review (which we email every year), Book Reviews (which hasn't been updated for a long while), and Jokes (which are a collection of things emailed to us).

Bon Voyage as you travel through our virtual world.


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