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Golden Temple in Bangkok
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Using Our Photographs

We have taken well over 130,000 pictures. A small selection of them are shown on this website. Many more are, or will be displayed at www.Photopolis.AT, which we own. On ChandlerBates.Net there are often links to Photopolis.AT. But if you want to see lots of pictures with no words just go directly there.

If you want to use our — copyrighted — pictures you can, under the proper conditions. Photopolis.at explains them in detail. Here is the general idea:

  • Free licenses
  • allows you to use images in size 800x600 pixels or smaller for personal (non-remunerative) use as part of a web page. The HTML must include a comment for each photograph that acknowledges our copyright in these words: "Copyright Gerald Chandler/www.photopolis.at Used with permission for non-remunerative purposes." You may use a maximum of 20 pictures over all websites that you control. Your license expires after two years and must be renewed according to the conditions then in effect.
  • Paid licenses
  • are required for all other uses, e.g. commercial or non-web. The license fee depends on the use (e.g. printed or web) and the number of impressions or accesses. Please contact us for details.

    Paid licenses may use full resolution photographs, which vary from one to seven megapixels.

Picture Delivery

When you order a picture we will post it in a specially-created, password-protected web album. The album will contain all of the pictures you want, in the size (number of pixels) you specify. You may download the pictures as often as you like for one month; then the album will be deleated.


November 7, 2008