hailand Times Three - 2001


6/15 - 7/4 & 7/15 - 8/12 & 9/11 - 9/27

Thai Flag

In the course of 2001 we popped in and out of Thailand three times. The first time we were coming from Laos and came across the Mekong River into Northern Thailand. We only left Laos because our visa had expired and it was easiest and cheapest to cross into Thailand to renew it.

After two weeks in Thailand we went back into Laos at the same crossing and explored farther north. Then it was back to Thailand for another three weeks, exploring Chiang Mai, Bankgok, and the North East in detail.

Our next departure was to Cambodia to link up with Dave and Jhap and see the great Angkor temples. Cambodia ended with a beach holiday and then a return to Bangkok. We arrived at our hotel and were checking in on September 11, minutes after the second plane struck the World Trade Center. That, of course, had our attention that night and much of the following days.

In the next two weeks we saw more of Bangkok and more of Dave and Jhap and went off to the old capitals of Ayutthaya and Lopburi. Then it was off to England.

Created July 20, 2001