April, 2003- January, 2004

Mexican Flag

Over eight months we made three trips to Mexico: the first, for just two weeks, was to get our feet wet and see how things went. After three month break to tour the US West we returned to Mexico and explored the north and northwest in more detail and leisure. We broke off our visit because of problems with our cameras and computers. It wasn't possible to buy what we wanted in Mexico, and as the border was only a six hour driver away, we did what lots of Mexicans do: we went to Texas to shop. That detour lasted, instead of the expected week a whole month. Then we headed south again, finally reaching the southern border of Mexico and crossed over into Belize with just one day left on our six-month visa.

We'd been to Mexico before this trip. Gerry grew up in the Los Angeles area, only about 130 miles (200 km) north of the Mexican border. The first trip to Mexico that he remembers was to Tiajuana, just over the border, when he was about 19. (He should say the first trip that he made; his brother and sister, both much older, had been to Mexico City well before he made this trip. Jan's first trip to Mexico came just a week after her first arrival to in the USA in 1978; we visited Gerry's brother and his wife at their home in San Diego and we made a trip across the border — you guessed it — to Tiajuana. Just a month later we made a week visit to Mexico City, flying there from Atlanta, Georgia. (And that is why on this trip we planned to and did detour around Mexico City.)

There are lots of things about Mexico that we'd like to share that don't fit neatly into the geographical breakdown that underpins most of this site. So we've also included pages for all of those misfit topics. We want to tell you about the fun we've had exploring Mexico's many beach resorts, large and small. We want you to know about the amazing variety of art and architecture to be found in churches across the country. We have also noted how much driving a car in Mexico has cost us : its good and bad points. And finally, we thought you might like to see some photos of our favorite R&R poolside locations.

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