SA, USA, See it Today


October 1, 2002 - December 31, 2002

We came back to the USA on October 1, 2002. This time our absence was less than a year.(You might remember that on November 15, 2001 we came back to the USA after an absence of two and a half years.) On this visit our first two months were spent in New York City, in a very nicely placed apartment on the mid eastside. Then we went to Washington, DC, where we expect to spend the New Year.

While in New York we signed up for a cell phone, taking a one-year plan. We chose it for the free roaming (no extra charge for service when outside New York). From the first we wondered if we would be in the USA for the full year, or if, as is more likely, we would go off to Mexico for part of the time. We'll see. Anyway, our phone number is USA 1-646-522-3697.

The photo, by the way, commemorates the renewal of our U.S. driver's licences.


December 14, 2002