exas 2003


April6-16, 2003

USA flag

What's Texas? Acording to Gerry's older brother Richard, who brought home military humor in the mid 1950s, there's nothing there but "steers and queers." Certainly it was untrue then and it is even more untrue now. We enjoyed seeing the modern skyscrapers of Houston (even if they didn't really impress us), the old missions (including the Alamo) of San Antonio, and seeing several relatives. There was a lot more that we did in our ten days, and even a lot, lot more, like Austin and the Gulf Coast, that we didn't see.

As we entered Texas from the eastern, Louisiana side we saw that to El Paso, clear across the state, on the western side, it was about 830 miles. That is, about half the way to the Pacific Ocean and about a quarter of the width of the full contiguous USA. 

Updated August 8, 2003