iloxi, Mississippi


March 31, 2003

USA flag

We had not intended to stop anywhere in Mississippi, but as we passed through Biloxi on the coast road, we caught sight of Beauvoir - The Jefferson Davis Home and Presidential Library and decided, on an impulse, to stop. It is across US 90 from the beach (2244 Beach Blvd, Biloxi,MS 39531). It was once his home, then became a veterans hospital, and eventually a museum.

We started by touring the modern museum which pretty well covered Davisí life. First we saw a 25 minute video which fixed the main points and then we had them reinforced by the exhibits. Then we toured the house itself. That was low key: a woman guide/guard gave us a brief introduction and then we were allowed to go down the large central hall and peak into each of the four rooms on the ground floor. We especialy liked the large rear porch, about two thirds shuttered in. A good place to sit out of the sun in days before air conditioning and catch a bit of the breeze that would have gone around the house. After that we walked the grounds, taking the nature trail, seeing a large bird on the bayou, and the veterans cemetery.

Updated August 8, 2003