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When travelling, we tend to spend lots of time reading books. Where we can get it, we spend a lot of time reading history and travel books about the country. On the other hand the easy (and cheap) availability of English language newspapers means that we sometimes read them at the cost of longer-lasting stuff. And, the availability of satellite TV in many of our hotels also impinges a lot on our reading time. Thus, what we read varies from country to country and hotel to hotel. In Cambodia we got satellite TV in every hotel but we also found pirated books so cheap that we still managed to buy and read quite a few while we were there.

We usually carry 6-8 books but as we go along and purchase more the number gets higher and higher. When it gets too high, we either give them away, abandon them, or ship them off. Our record, we think, is shipping 12 kg of books from Zakopane, Poland.

Click on the left to get to a listing of what we have read and our opinions about them. We've divided our reviews in three categories: Fiction, History, and Guides. "History" is really "Biography, Autobiography, History, Politics, and Everything" that doesn't fit elsewhere. "Guides" is mostly Travel Guides, but these sometimes have enough history or art coverage that it becomes questionable whether they are in the right place. Maybe the solution is to just look up the Dewey Decimal System or Library of Congress cataloging and order them way.

Read anything great lately? Want to write a review of it and have us publish it? Long or short, e-mail it and we'll add it to this section. So far, as you can easily see, we have no nominations from anybody. The "link" on the left goes nowhere.

last updated September 12, 2002