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We started 2000 in Hong Kong from where we made a few brief visits to China; one of them being to take the plane for a three week trip to Vietnam. After Vietnam we came back to China to work and travel; went to England, and then came back to China to work and travel again. The consequence is that some, but not most of the travel guides for 2000 were the same as those of 1999.
Travel Guides

  Lonely Planet China

  Xi'an Places of Historical Interest
  Yellow Crane Tower
  Unforgettable Three Gorges
  Dazu Stone Buddhist Scultures



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Lonely Planet China

A great book. We bought it in 1999 and continue to use it.

Highly Recommended


Jiuhuashan (Nine Flower Mountain)

Juihuashan is one of the five famous mountains of China, but to western tourists it is probably the least famous. A small town, it sits at about 600 m below a ridge. Town and ridge are filled with Buddhist temples.


Xi'an: Places of Historical Interest

Chang'a, or to give it its current name, Xian, is an ancient capital of China; actually of the central region of what became China. It was the start and terminus of the silk road. And long before that the site of a pre-historic village. We first visited Xian in 1984. In our October, 2000, visit we found it vastly different.


Xi'an is well known for the terracotta warriors which are 30 km east. Not so well known are dozens of other temples and historic sites, some in town and some rather far out.

Both of these books were good supplements to LP

Yellow Crane Tower  (Wuhan)

Starting at Wuhan we made a five day Yangtze River cruise, going up river. This is slower than sailing downstream, but better. The high point of Wuhan is the very beautiful temple, Yellow Crane Tower.


Unforgettable Three Gorges

Halfway through the boat ride one comes to the site and construction work of the Three Gorges Dam a nd shortly thereafter to the Gorges themselves.

Dazu Stone Buddhist Scultures

Buddhism came to China from the west, along the silk road. All along the way from the Turkestan desert in the west of modern China to Luoyang there are caves and grottoes with Buddist sculptures. When we decided to go to Dazu we  had no ideas that we would be so impressed.


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