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Before we had a web site each year we used to send annual letters with a summary of all of our doings -- the year in review. Each was sort of a Christmas letters but they since they almost never went out at Christmas and always covered more than just a holiday greeting we have given them a more general name.

It has alway been an open question for us as to what to put into them: We wanted to avoid boring people and consequently were moved to cut them short — and in the days of real, postage-paid letters that saved some money. On the other hand our ego's said to us there must be at least one person intested in the details of our lives and so we naturally concluded we should fill up page after page.

With the advent of the web, we can have it both ways and you can read just what you want: We now post short and long versions of our letters, in HTML (text) and in PDF (for those who want to read off-line). Naturally the material convered here in brief is sometimes convered in great detail elsewhere on our site. But sometimes — even often for recent years — some of our "material" is only to be found in these personal reviews.

London, Scarsdale, Washington DC, Clarksville, Ocean City, Alexandria.

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London, Florence, Rome, Northern Italy, Switzerland, France, Paris, Morocco, Darlington, London.

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Christchurch, New Zealand, Tokyo, Japan, Darlington, Brussels, Bratislava, Vienna, Brussels, Darlington, London.

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Berlin, Germany, Paris, England, Christchurch

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Australia, Darlington, Paris, Basel, Berlin

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Sydney, South Africa, London, Darlington, Paris, USA, Canada, Australia

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Athens, Greek Islands, Turkey, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Sydney

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New York, Berlin, Paris, England, Moscow, Russia, Athens

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Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, Ecuador, USA

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Washington, USA East and South, Mexico, Arizona, California, Mexico

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England, Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Prague, England, New York

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China, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, England, USA

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Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, England

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USA, England, Paris, China, Hong Kong

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USA, England

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December 24, 2010