April 25, 2011

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Prato Half Marthon and Stazione SPorta al Serraglio
Prato Half Marathon and Stazione Porta al Serraglio

We made a one-day excursion from Florence to Prato. That's pretty easy because it is only a half an hour and a few stops away. Nonetheless, we got off the train at the wrong place! But don't worry. As we were getting off we saw a man in monk's robes and were sure he would know where the cathedral was. We asked directions and he said we should go to the next station -- It wasn't Stazione Centrale that we wanted but Statione Porta al Serraglio. We had just a few seconds left before the train doors closed, but we managed to hop back on.

It was a good choice, as we quickly learned: rather than being 1.5 km from our main touristic goal we were only half a kilometer away. Hardly were we off and walking down Via Gaetano Magnolfi when we found it slightly difficult to cross the street: Runner were whizing by us. We'd arrived on Half Marathon day.

We only got to see the outside of San Francesco and Castello dell'Imperatore

June 3, 2011