ropical Timeout


July 15, 2006

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September 10, 2006 Welcome

If you had X-ray vision you might be able to read where we are. Failing that, try educated guessing — or put yourself out of your misery and click on the photo.

Our prediction made in November that we would probably never catch up is proving to be true. Here we are putting up our first new front page in nine months. True, we have been writing blog a bit more often, but it is a poor substitute for some nice well-written and illustrated pages.

We don't have many excuses as we did spend four months sitting still in Athens, and had we been devoted to our task we would certainly have found time to do more than we did. But then we got moving again and things went from bad to worse, compounded by a lightning strikes twice experience.

If you haven't been reading our blog and really don't know where we are, you can click on the photo above and we will tell you.

June 11, 2005