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The usual picture puzzle. Where have we landed now? Do the dry hills behind us give you a clue? Or how about the urban sprawl?

Having spent just under a month truly "on the road", rushing around the Golden Ring and Saint Petersburg, we have once again come to rest and so once again have a bit more free time so that Gerry can organize his photos and Jan can sometimes force herself to take a break from Russian and do some web editing. We don't ever expect to catch up — until, that is, we quit travelling and mothball the website — but we will continue at our snail's pace to add and embellish, extend and complete.

That's all on the plus side. On the downside, we have been no luckier here than elsewhere in getting anything like a broadband connection. We look with envy at Craigslist postings that offer broadband internet, but they never seem to pan out for us. But at least we have our own phone and can buy internet access on a pay-as-you-go basis. The only real problem is the connection speed, which although better than Moscow (where Gerry had to do email every night around midnight) it is still frustratingly slow.

To give you an additional small clue to our whereabouts, we have managed to go to the beach and to go swimming a couple of times since we got here. The water was not terribly warm, but it was much warmer than the water we swam in in Turkey back in April 2002. How we miss the beautiful pool at the Frontier Hotel in Las Vegas!

June 11, 2005