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If you have been following our blog you know what city this is. What is the exact location? If you have visited here you at least have a chance of getting the right answer.

We're sort of getting our act together again. It is just over two months since we last posted a new front page. And in the meantime we actually posted several blog entries that covered the period after our official front page and made several insertions that we'd sort of written but never posted.

And we have done all this with only a nominal 30 kbs/s internet connection that at times is really a 5 kbs/s or worse connection. And we have done all this while carrying on a full program of seeing museums, visiting churches, and otherwise getting a taste of a culture that is entirely new to us.

And we have managed to plan ahead! As you well know (or should - get with it) we managed to plan to be in Paris a full six months before we got there. Now, we have made advance plans — it is true only two, not four months in advance — to spend October through January, inclusive, in Athens. More on that when we get there and write it.

June 11, 2005