stia Antica


June 10, 2011

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Ostia Antica Capitolium
Ostia Antica Capitolium

It turned out to be as simple as expected to get to Ostia Antica, though it did take numerous steps: Walk to the bus stop; take the 86 bus to Termini station; Take Metro line B toward Laurentina; change at EUR Magliana to the Roma Lido line in direction of Christofo Coluombo. Get off at Ostia Antica station and walk to the Ostia Antica ruins. We started pretty early so we were caught up in commuter traffic all of the way to Ostia Antica station, having to stand about half the time on each segment before a seat became available. But the last step, the walk to the ruins, we had the world to ourselves. It was cool and almost nobody was around. When we went into the archeological park -- it didn't last an hour -- we were almost the only ones there.

June 13, 2011