ew York, New York


October 1, 2002 - November 30, 2002

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Two months go by fast when you are having fun. Sometimes we didn't seem to have enough time to turn our heads around.

We went to several lectures, most of them found by looking at noticeboards on churches and meeting halls. Some, like the one given by Charles Krauthammer we thoroughly enjoyed. Others, like the talk by the famed historian ???, was a deep disappointment. But you never know until you get there and on the whole we always find it worthwhile to get out of the house if only to see who else is there!

Religious Services played a big part in our stay. We attended services at several Christian churches and Jewish synagogues. They were all very different but very worthwhile.

Of course our main reason for coming to the Big Apple was to see friends. Some of our New Jersey friends came to us and others we visited over there. It was always a pleasure. But the biggest pleasure of all was being able to attend a friend's wedding. Gerry has known Moshe for 35 years and was extremely pleased to be asked to be Moshe's best man.

A fantastic by-product of our time in New York was that we got to know a family of long-lost relatives. They had only recently emerged from the former Soviet Union and it was truly thrilling to meet them. Continuing an effort begun in Israel and the Ukraine, Gerry also went to the national Archives in search of information about his ancestors.

We made several excursions to New Jersey, one by boat the others by bus. Our main goal was to visit with former neighbors in Bruce Road. Sadly, time was taking its toll on them. But strong or frail, we loved visiting with them one more time.

And what would New York be without a parade or three? Jan managed two out of three, but Gerry saw them all and enjoyed them all.

The weather was mostly very good, as befits an east coast fall. We had some rainy and cold days — but no snow. And the weather never cramped our style as we hopped from metro to bus and back again.

Who is this fine fellow that we had lunch with? Find out here.

December 14, 2002