rriving by Bus


June 30, 2002

Polish Flag

Our bus from Lviv, once Lvov, Poland, took us from the Ukraine and across a good part of southern Poland to Krakow. The bus came into town on the southern side of the center giving us a good view of the castle that we would later know as Wawel. Seen from across the river it was impressive, even if the view was fleeting. The bus continued a slow journey around what serves as a ring road in Krakow to what we knew would be the bus station but we knew not where. Its slowness was a positive attribute; it gave us a chance to measure the city.

Krakow's Castle

After half an hour of this slow rite of passage through rush hour traffic, at about 5 pm, with plenty of daylight left, we made a left and and another and soon halted almost in front of the main train station. We quickly collected our bags, crossed over the narrow street, and parked outselves outside the Polish version of a cheap snack bar. Gerry was appointed to go into the train station and see what could be learned about hotels and getting money. As usual on arrival we were penniless in the local currency. In ten minutes he returned; cash machines here worked. So we sat down in the tiny snack bar and had a quick polish sausage each for dinner. Then it was off to the hotel he'd selected.

Updated September 22, 2002