chindler's Krakow


July 4, 2002

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Is there anyone who doesn't know about the movie "Schnidler's List"? There was a real Oscar Schindler, and he ran a business in Krakow during WWII. Many of the sites associated with him still exist, including the factory where the thousand Jews that he saved worked.


A special guidebook based on the movie shows how Krakow has benefited in tourism from the popularity of the movie.

This pharmacy is located in the Jewish ghetto, across the river from the old Jewish quarter of Kazimierz. The owner of the pharmacy was not a Jew, but kept his pharmacy open after the formation of the ghetto and was instrumental in saving many Jews. The building is now used as a museum of the ghetto.

We were surprised to find that many synagogues survived the holocaust intact even though they are more often museums than places of worship.

This is the factory that belonged to Oscar Schindler during the war and where many Jews found a refuge of sorts from the Nazis.

One of the tram lines in Krakow.  This one forms one edge of the Krakow Jewish ghetto. Kazimierz, the traditional Jewish part of town was not where the Jews were ghettoized. Instead they were pushed across the river to what is now a partly derelict light industrial district with little that remains of its awful past.

Updated September 22, 2002