June 6-7, 2002

Note: We have tried to use the Ukrainian spelling (or rather, transliteration) for the names of people and places in Ukraine. Sometimes, however, as with Kiev, the Russian version has become a kind of standard and so we have used it instead.

Ukrainian Flag

Chernivtsi Municipal Building
Chernivtsi Municipal Building

Chernivtsi is the town of any size closest to the Romanian border. Only a couple of hours away by bus, we arrived in late afternoon because we had spent the morning visiting the painted churches around Suceava.

We found a hotel thanks to the kindness of a woman in the bus station. It wasn't expensive, about $20.00, and had a private bathroom and even a TV. We were just happy to have survived the border and to have arrived, at last in Ukraine.

There wasn't much time for sightseeing because we planned to leave the next day to go to Vinnitsya, but we did take a walk to find dinner that night and met a very interesting young man who bent our ears for a while in English about the terrible things that were going on in Ukraine. The next morning we went for a walk in the pouring rain to the center of town and observed the fact that the town was like a relic from the past. No shiny modern high-rise buildings. If conserved, it could prove to be a gold-mine of future tourist dollars.

Updated September 21, 2002