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June, 2002

Note: We have tried to use the Ukrainian spelling (or rather, transliteration) for the names of people and places in Ukraine. Sometimes, however, as with Kiev, the Russian version has become a kind of standard and so we have used it instead.

Ukrainian Flag

Below is a more detailed map of the Narodichi - Zhytomyr region. We reached Ukraine by traveling overland from Turkey, stopping in many parts of eastern Europe

We travelled by train for three hours from Kiev to Korosten and spent two nights there.

After the first night in Korosten we took a one hour bus 40 km (25 miles) to Narodichi, spent the day, and returned.

After a second night in Korosten we took a bus to Zhytomyr (one hour, 80 km), visited from mid morning to late afternoon, and then took a bus to Kiev.

Note the blue circle marking Chernobyl, site of the meltdown of a nuclear reactor the radiation from which still pollutes the area downwind of it, including Narodichi.

Updated September 21, 2002