eorgetown, District of Columbia


December 14, 2002

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Quiz Answer: We're in Washington, DC

DC National Cathedral

No, this isn't merry old England. It is the towers of the Washington National Cathedral. We visited it on our first day in Washington, walking from home in Georgetown. We got great 360 degree views. We thought you might confuse this with South Church in Bishop Auckland, England

December, 2002

Is a map worth a thousand words? Two of them show our route to the Mediterrean and up through Turkey and eastern Europe.

Jan could be looking for work if the price were right (enormous). Here's her slightly updated resume.

We've written more about our Darlington adventures in bike , beach, and Beamish. And added a map of Tyne-Tees that includes all of these and more.. 

We've read a few more books and reviewed them.Try Angela's Ashes or There's A War on,Pet for moving personal memoirs and Mouth to Mouth for light fiction.

More on Gerry's Stotland Roots: Iosif and Anna Stotland.

Here's a real mystery. Who/where is it? We don't give the answer right away.


The end of November saw us making a reluctant goodbye to Manhattan and moving on to the Potomac. We found a bus company that was trying to expand its ridership and had a months-long low fare promotion going on. For $20 each, plus subway fare at the beginning and taxifare at the end, we got ourselves from upper Broadway to Georgetown.

We are staying in a very nice one bedroom apartment in Georgetown, DC, the oldest settlement in the District of Columbia. We got it through a friend of a friend. Both are enrolled in an MBA program jointly run by Columbia University and the London Business School. Every other month classes are held in London. Because of that and the apartment owner's trust and generosity we have it for two weeks. The place is nicely furnished; in fact, too nicely — just as we were warned. There are so many things, there is hardly any room to cook or to eat at the table, because all surfaces have things on them!

The first day we were here a heavy snow fall occurred. It was the first one in a year for Washington and the first heavy snow we had seen in about four years. (We did have a light snow fall in England last year and we saw some beautiful snow on the far away mountains in Turkey in April this year.) In spite of the snow we have gone on a long walk almost every day. The first few days the sidewalks were not cleared. But now they are so things aren't too bad.

Shop on Wisconsin Ave, Georgetown
Shop on Wisconsin Ave, Georgetown

Our first outing was to the National Cathedral, going through central Georgetown and then along Wisconsin Avenue. We were struck by the clever name of this catering company. If you didn't already know before this quiz that we were in the Washington, DC area you might have guessed it from the (famous) area code of the telephone number.

So far we have seen the National Cathedral, gone to a performance of Handel's Messiah there, visited the Renwick Gallery and National Art Gallery (both parts of the Smithsonian), gone to sessions of the US Supreme Court on two different days, attended three public policy lectures (one about the aftermath of war in Iraq at Georgetown University and two at Cato Institute on threats to civil liberties in fighting terrorism and about how the US Congress should treat environmental policy). We've even been to a lecture on Neural Networks. On top of that we have managed to go out for dinner with Gerry's nephew and have one of his cousins and his wife over for dinner. All in just nine days! In Washington we seem to be just as busy or even busier than we were in NYC.

December 14, 2002