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where is it?

After a wonderful Thanksgiving reunion in New Jersey with all our friends and neighbors on Bruce Road, we spent the next two weeks driving down to Savannah, Georgia and back.  En route we visited battlefields galore and said hello to our friends Caroline, Merrill and Paula, Mike and Beth, all friends from our Lucent-Bell Labs days. Caroline is near Charlottesville, VA, Merrill and Paula are in Atlanta, GA, and Mike and Beth are on the Isle of Palms outside of Charleston,S.C.

We also managed to spend a couple of days in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, where we had a very nice hike in some rather warm weather for the time of year.  We were a bit shocked at the honky tonk atmosphere on the highway from Interstate 95? across to Gatlinburg, but perhaps it isn't so surprising when one knows that the road passes through Pigeon Ford, home of Dollywood.

When we got back to New Jersey and gave up our rental car, we unknowingly gave up Jan's APS camera as well. We did try to retrieve it but of course everybody denied having found it. A last reunion with neighbors reunited us with Ron & Virginia, Florence & Harold, Doris & Ed, and thanks to his son and daughter-in-law even Frank managed to get there, although sadly without Betty who is recovering from a fall.

Then it was farewell to New Jersey and back to New York City for a final few days with Moshe in his lovely apartment next to Lincoln Center.

Usual contest: Where was the above photo taken?


January 3, 2003