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You know that we are in England (or you could, if you had seen the web pages for the previous month). So where in England is this? Unless you've been there you certainly won't know what it is.

Incidentally, on BBC Radio 4 the morning that this page was made it was said that 16% of Londoners don't know or only have a vague idea where Bradford is. Now, given that Bradford is one of the largest cities in England [and the city where Jan went to university] perhaps non-Americans will have some charity when they hear that a non-significant percentage of Americans are vague about where Uzbekistan is or who the Prime Minister of Denmark is. Do you know?

NEW this time is what we've done since January, 2002: We successively visited the Middle East: Egypt, Israel, and Turkey. Then in eastern Europe: Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Poland, and Czech Republic. Then we got home: Britain.

Updated September 22, 2002