iverside Roaming



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Where are we? The title tells you we are near a river, but which one and why?

A funny thing happened on the way to updating our website. We were about to do it in mid-November when we got very badly side-tracked. And since then we have spent two months just trying to recover from the event that side-tracked us. The good news is that we are just about back where we expected to be mid-November.

Our future plans are almost always very hazy. With no true deadlines to drive our lives, we tend to let life carry us along. For once, however, we have a future commitment that means that five years and nine months after beginning our trip in Paris, we will be there again in March 2005. We are delighted to be staying in the same place and even more delighted to get to be there in spring and early summer this time. We hope that our devalued dollars will stretch far enough to buy us at least one ticket to the opera while there and of course we will return to some of our favorite places.

Many of you ask us how much longer our odyssey will last. The truthful answer is we don't know. Gerry is starting to itch to get his teeth into a real software project again and as the employment market in technology seems to be picking up a bit that's not too far-fetched. But for now he does not intend to make job-hunting a full-time occupation. Jan is more often depressed by the hardships of travel but is still not ready to quit just yet. Her list of must-visit-before-we-stop places still includes South Africa, Indonesia, Australia, and Russia. Oh yes, and we would love to finally get to see Peru, Bolivia, Argentina,... Watch this space.

January 10, 2005